Interested in becoming Catholic?

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For more information
please call Fr. Anderson
at the Rectory

Mass Schedule

†Sun: 7, 9 & 11am
†Mon-Fri: 6:15am
†Wed & Fri: 8am
(during school year)
†Tues evening: 6:30pm
†Sat: 8am & 5pm


†Sat: 8:30-9am &

Perpetual Adoration
of Our Lord

†Blessed Sacrament
in the lower level
Chapel on the Miller
Street side of Church
St. Rose of Lima Church
ChurchWe are blessed to have our parish named for Saint Rose of Lima, the first canonized saint of the Americas. Her life is an example of always putting God first in our lives. Like St. Rose, we want to do whatever is necessary and make whatever sacrifices are necessary in order to live in His grace, and to pursue the purity and simplicity of life which marks us as separate from the rest of the world and its ambitions.

As a Parish, we strive to live up to her example. By all of us working together, and each and all of us doing our part to be the Lord's family here on earth, we can accomplish such a goal.

Of course, one of the best ways of being a good Catholic is to attend Mass with the rest of our parish community.You'll find the Mass and confession schedule to the left. The beauty of our parish church, complete with its newly restored aalters, is the perfect setting for the beauty of the celebration of Mass.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or any of the parish staff.



Father Alexander Anderson
Pastor; St. Rose of Lima Parish